New pieces from Marlou Verheijden

Models Elvis Rot and Foluwa Akinwole
Muah Manon Vermeer 
Location De Wasserij


Mood photography for KORE, a shop for organic flowers and plants based in Rotterdam.


The ECONOMY issue of GIRLS LIKE US features an exposé of feminist fashion, a poem by Hanne Lippard, a queer dollar by Virgil TaylorVirgil Taylor, an interview with environmentalist Minna Gillberg, a conversation with 3 cats on marx, a discussion about sex work moderated by Melanie Bonajo, 8 Q&S's by lesbian bars worldwide, an interview by Cathrin Mayer with Lise Soskolne about W. A.G.E,
a poetic research called Makers of their Own Time, Towers of Thanks by Res, 3 Drivers – 3 Cities, an Uber investigation, artwork by Elif Erkan, a conversation between Camilla Willsand Isaline Bergamaschi on education, a script by Nora Turato, Not All There, Cruising Olivia by Bernadette Houde and a dispatch report by Display Distribute.

The photography for an exposé of feminist fashion is done by
me, thanks to and in collaboration with Katja, Jessica, Marnie, Arianna, Byrthe, Alison, Lois, Lua, Marian, Maud, Melissa, Nathalie, Severin, Sophie, Stine, Rokia, Roxanne, Anouchka and all the participating artists and designers for the clothing and attributes.

For more information and context about the ECONOMY issue and GLU, please click here

Simons shadow on Alesya’s face
Alesya’s shadow on Simons face
Portrait of filmmaker Nienke Deutz
Publications Carlijn Naber
Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)


Carlijn Naber and I collaborated for the study ‘Safety in the future’ on behalf of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT).

STT carries out society oriented technology foresight studies. Through knowledge fusion, new insights emerge and a willingness to explore new ways of cooperation between stakeholders. Topics are explored cross domain and interdisciplinary. The focus is on the interrelation between technological and societal developments. The outcome of STT’s projects serve as starting points for new initiatives, such as public-private cooperation, (system) innovation projects and applied research programmes.

In three publications safety is considered as a verb, something that is constructed in the interaction between people and their environment. The first publication is about the interpretation of safety from the perspective of the society.
The second publication focuses on the social and technological developments in the society of the future and the third publication presents various future images about the changing construction of safety in our future society.

For the second and third publication I developed the visual concepts for the photography, that were in line with the core of this study, and executed these.

Graphic design by Alt8 

Photograph for visual artist Paul Geelen in relation to his work at Lustwarande 2018 with conceptual designer Merle Bergers as model.
Mood photography for Teastreet

Mood photography for TEASTREET, who focuses on the rich and finest taste and aroma of tea.
From tasteful blends to delicate pure tea and surprising herbal infusions.

Model Leric Eykenloof
Graphic design by Alt8 

Lookbook Summer 2016
Vintage store Heet Strijken

Photoshoot for vintage store Heet Strijken for the summer lookbook of 2016.
With thanks to Kimberley, Lisanne, Marit, Philip, Raphaël, Rik and Rosanne.

Mood photography for Restaurant DARA

Building on a strong Middle Eastern heritage, restaurant Dara in Amersfoort serves surprising mezzes inspired by a wide range of culinary traditions. For their website, I took some photographs in and around the restaurant with help from their staff members.

Jessy Koeiman
Campaign shoot for DUTCH SEATING COMPANY
Nouchka Huijg and Carola Eichstadt
Full-service design studio Alt8
Cookbook De Gouden Radijs

Small selection of the photographs I took for the cookbook of Marit Biemans, vegan cook and founder of De Gouden Radijs.
For more information about her ways of working and to purchase the cookbook, see here.


A selection of people I photographed between 2008 and now.
In order of appearance from left to right: Jayce, Minke, Sunna, Peter, Luc, Annette, Jelena, Ludwig, Robin, Catarina, Lisa, Laura, Nina and Coco.