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Research publications Carlijn Naber
Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)

Carlijn Naber and I collaborated for the study ‘Safety in the future’ on behalf of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT).

STT carries out society oriented technology foresight studies. Through knowledge fusion, new insights emerge and a willingness to explore new ways of cooperation between stakeholders.
Topics are explored cross domain and interdisciplinary. The focus is on the interrelation between technological and societal developments. The outcome of STT’s projects serve as starting points for new initiatives, such as public-private cooperation, (system) innovation projects and applied research programmes.

In three publications safety is considered as a verb, something that is constructed in the interaction between people and their environment. The first publication is about the interpretation of safety from the perspective of the society. The second publication focuses on the social and technological developments in the society of the future and the third publication presents various future images about the changing construction of safety in our future society.

For the second and third publication I took care of the photography in reaction to Carlijns research.
Graphic design by Alt8

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